Dream of Cycling

wind, rain, sun on your skin, coffee, beautiful views, chatting, silence, exhaustion, satisfaction, tan lines, addiction, gruelling, cake, thighs, pain, endorphins … and making friends …

… but sometimes it´s just about freedom from the daily grind of life and suddenly you discover that you enjoy climbing hills while you are suffering ...


Gang of Dreams

The "gang" was brought to life by cycling buddies, bicycle enthusiasts and thrill seekers. We hit the roads in the bavarian extensive hilly landscape as well as the north german plain of berlin/brandenburg. Once a while we retire to the undzack camp at the foot of the Pyrenees to recover for one or more climbing classic or to conquer upcoming cycling events together.

the silent fox

Born in a classical cycling family, Mike early discovered a meditative, self-enjoying, strong and quiet tactic way to ride. If you watch him on climbs, his posture reflects stoic self-disciplin, but along the way he gives us a depressant live audio drama.

the persistent

Sailo always has an ace up his sleeve – he keeps an eye on his energy stores to fly over and beyond the last incline. As cool as cucumber he pulls the team together. But caution, when it comes up to ride „into the green“ he can´t be controlled...

el centro

Philip is the linchpin of the undzack base camp in catalunya and an expert on the configuration and coordination of long distance racing tours with a great stamina (especially at temperatures way beyond freezing point).

the torque

Following the principle "steel is real“, Raphael is riding in a smooth and elegant vein a lovely lightweight steel bike, built up by himself. Beside the road and the mechanical aptitude he is the creative mind behind the gang.